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Considering a Property Management Company?

Savvy investors like John may study the markets and make informed decisions on how to handle such issues.

So if you have questions or concerns about your investment properties, seeking out the expert advice of a professional management service may be the smartest call you can make next to having made the investment in the first place. it managed services seattle

Other investors however, may be taking unnecessary losses that compound over time because they feel that as long as a unit is not vacant, their investment is performing okay. That is the common mistake that rental property owners make. They only see the vacancy rate as the measuring stick of their success.

A percent here and there can add up to thousands of dollars of net profit or net loss to an investment portfolio. A professional management service can offer their expertise to help clients make informed decisions that can lead to greater profit margins as well as preventing unnecessary losses.

If you are an investor with one or more rental properties and have managed your properties personally and are not seeing the kind of profit margins you believe to be in line with your investment potential, you need to seek out a professional management company for a consultation.

Let’s have a look at a case study with investor named John M. He owns three residential condos in downtown Seattle. He does not have any problems with vacancy, but the rent he charges his tenants $1500, per unit are 5% below the market rent. On the three units he could be losing $2700 per year. Let’s say he has a yearly lease renewal with those tenants or with new tenants. Should rents remain the same or should it be raised?

How does he determine the rate of increase? What factors should be considered before an increase.